Hinesville Police Department Chief Lloyd SlaterChief Lloyd L. Slater

As the chief of police, it is my responsibility to periodically review the agency’s mission statement to consider organizational, economic, and community changes. This review determines whether the mission is still relevant and whether it should be modified to address evolving needs while remaining linked to the agency’s values and vision for the future. Our mission statement is not only an essential part of our organization; it is the foundation upon which new programs are introduced, certain programs are cut, and new initiatives are started.

As the agency looks toward creating new opportunities, potential strategic partnerships, and many other enterprises, a current mission statement is essential to provide staff with guidance when facing organizational challenges. Without a solid mission statement, the agency will lack the necessary direction and foundation for operating as it moves forward.

In February 2022, I revised the Hinesville Police Department's purpose, vision, and mission statements, created and defined its core values, and adopted a motto that encapsulates who we are and what we do.

 Lloyd L. Slater


Our purpose is to enforce the law, maintain order, and manage public safety within the city limits of Hinesville, Georgia.


Our vision is to create a culture of law enforcement excellence by effectively utilizing the power of community partnerships, interdepartmental relationships, and state-of-the-art resources to solve, reduce, and prevent crime.


Our mission is to enforce the law, maintain order, and manage public safety equally, ethically, and proficiently through education, training, and community-based collaboration. To attain this goal, we strive to create a vision-led, values-based, and purpose-driven culture where our purpose and values align with our actions.

OUR VALUES         

Our core values are an essential part of every aspect of our profession and provide a foundation for our conduct, attitude, and decision-making. These values define our culture and the mentality and behavior necessary for the Hinesville Police Department to exist and accomplish its mission. 

The PRICE of our values:


Professionalism: Confidence, Competence, and Conduct                                                   

We strive to exemplify professionalism in everything we do by having a clear sense of commitment, perspective, and direction. Our professionalism is developed through sound policies and procedures and an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and constant self-evaluation.


Respect: Empathy, Transparency, and Collaboration

We are committed to listening to, learning from, and growing with our citizens. We are transparent in our actions, decisions, and communications with our partners and those we serve to ensure better understanding and mutual respect.


Integrity: Responsibility, Accountability, and Character 

Our reputation is our greatest asset. Our integrity defines who we are as individuals and what we stand for as an organization. We will fulfill our promises, recognize our mistakes, and will always do what is right for the citizens, employees, and or circumstances.


Courage: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical                                                                          

We strive to embody the intellectual courage to learn, unlearn and relearn with an open mind; the moral courage to stand up for what is right even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular; and the physical courage to act at the risk of our own bodily harm or death.


Excellence: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice                                                        

Excellence is the pursuit of our highest quality selves. We define excellence as being our best and doing our best, consistently. It is when we demand more of ourselves than our citizens do and expect more of ourselves than others think is practical. Therefore, we strive to be better than the last time, every time.



  “Inspiring a Culture of Excellence”