Young Writers Contest

Each April, the Community Development Department observes Fair Housing Month through different activities to educate the public. Initiatives are varied to reach different sectors of the community including children, youth, and adults. This year, the Hinesville Youth Council joined in by hosting a Young Writer’s Contest which focused on the topic of Fair Housing and the following prompt:

Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart,” Matthew Desmond. The essay should respond to at least one of the following questions: What makes a home? What is the importance of a home? What would your life be like without your home? How does where someone lives impact their life?


1st Place Winner

The 1st Place $75 gift card is awarded to Anesia Sims, Liberty County High School Senior.

This submission spoke to the importance of a home in the context of emotional connectivity.

Favorite excerpt: “A home is not bricks and mortar, but a solid foundation built on love, rooted in good values, and sustained by hope for a better tomorrow.”

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2nd Place Winner

The 2nd Place $50 gift card is awarded to Gabriel Alvarado, Bradwell Institute Freshman.

This submission spoke to the physical and mental components of housing stability.

Favorite excerpt: “A home is considered a place of stability and structure. It allows us to live prosperously and flourish. Without it, who knows where we would end up.”

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Sims and Alvarado