Rental Assistance: What to Expect

This program provides rental assistance to prevent eviction from the current residence. Applicants must reside within Hinesville city limits and cannot be more than six (6) months past due on monthly rent.
Funding is limited and distributed on a first qualified basis. Applicants must complete all components of the process to be assisted. Assistance will be provided in order of full process completion and document submission. All steps outlined below must be completed to receive assistance and the landlord/owner must be willing to accept payment. 

The lease holder must apply (joint leases require both parties to be included on application). All members of the household should be included on the application for rental assistance. 

To evaluate eligibility the following documentation must be submitted to the Homeless Prevention Program.  Click for a printer friendly required document list.

1. Writ of Possession from Magistrate Court2. Income Documentation (Most recent 30 days)3. Proof of Financial Hardship4. State or Driver Services Issued Photo ID 
5. Copy of Lease (All pages)

The dispossessory notice (Affidavit for Summons of Dispossessory) is a document filed with the courts and represents a complaint brought by a landlord against a tenant. The tenant has seven (7) days to answer if he/she chooses to do so. If the tenant does not file an answer an eviction may be requested on the eighth (8) day. 

The applicant/tenant should submit the dispossessory notice to the Homeless Prevention Office as soon as received. This document will allow for a unit inspection to be scheduled but does not guarantee that funding assistance will be received. For more details on legal court eviction proceedings please view Liberty County Magistrate Court information.  Some clients also find the Tenant Landlord Handbook useful.

The next available appointment will be scheduled to conduct an inspection of the residence to determine if the unit is eligible for assistance. 

The applicant/tenant will be advised of the inspection appointment date and time by the Homeless Prevention Office. An adult over the age of 18 must be present and electricity service active for the inspection to be completed. If the unit fails inspection, assistance funds cannot be issued. A passing inspection does not guarantee that funding assistance will be received. 


The landlord and tenant will receive a date to appear in court to discuss the dispossessory notice. The applicant/tenant will be advised of the court appearance date and time by the Liberty County Magistrate Court and must attend. 


The Writ of Possession and Judgment says that the landlord is legally entitled to possession of the property and outlines the amount due from the tenant.  At conclusion of the court appearance, the applicant/tenant will receive a writ of possession. This document should immediately be submitted to the Homeless Prevention Office. The Writ of Possession is the final document needed to allow staff to make payment to the landlord/property management company/owner if funding is available. 

Once the property passes inspection, the Writ of Possession has been submitted, and funds are still available the Homeless Prevention Program will send a promissory note to the landlord/owner advising the amount of assistance that will be provided.