Public Works Department (ESG)

About ESG Operations

ESG Operations has been a vital part of the City of Hinesville's team since November 1, 2016. A contracted entity with the City of Hinesville, ESG manages the public works, utilities operations and maintenance of various City services.

As one of the nation’s fastest growing full-service utility operations and public works management companies, ESG Operations provides innovative solutions to a wide range of environmental and infrastructure projects. ESG has extensive experience as both design engineers and contract utility operators. This unique blend of skills enables ESG to develop innovative, cost effective and customized approaches to meet client needs. ESG’s corporate headquarters is located in Macon with 20 other offices located across the Southeast.


ESG will provide management and maintenance of the City of Hinesville's water, sewer and wastewater treatment facilities, in addition to services regarding streets and drainage, stormwater, parks and grounds, fleet maintenance, mosquito control, sanitation, meter reading and construction maintenance.

New Curbside Collection Requirements

Effective August 2013, the City of Hinesville established new requirements for time and placement of trash receptacles and roll-out containers. Find out more information about Ordinance #2013-06 to learn what this means for you.

24-Hour Answering Service

To report water leaks and sewer backup after 5 p.m. or during weekends, please call (912) 876-8216 (24 hours a day).

Ever wondered about the City's curbside tree recycling program? Check out this video of our Public Works Project Director Gary Gilliard, discussing the program with Keep Liberty Beautiful!