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Residential Burn Permit

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  2. Residential Burn Permit Authorization

    Permits are issued to burn only natural items like pine straw, limbs, leaves, and grass that have been cut and put in a small pile. This online permit is for citizens that live within the corporate limits of the City of Hinesville only. If you live outside the limits of the City of Hinesville, please contact Georgia Forestry at (912) 884-3331.

  3. Issuing a Burn Permit
    A permit is issued and accepted on the condition of compliance with all ordinance provisions in effect. This permit does not replace any license required by law and is non-transferable. Any change in use or occupancy of the premises shall require a new permit. This permit must at all times be posted on the premises. This permit is only accepted for the day it was obtained.
  4. Restrictions
    The following restrictions apply to burning:

    • Burning shall be limited to piles no higher than four feet, nor longer than eight feet.
    • Tree limbs larger than four inches or longer than two feet, or tree stumps may not be burned.
    • Burning of yards is prohibited in the City of Hinesville.
    • No person shall leave a fire which has been lawfully started out of doors while the same is still burning, but shall remain in the vicinity of the fire until it has been extinguished.
    • The fire shall be under observation at all times while it is burning by a competent person starting the same or someone specifically designated to do so. No person under the age of 18 years shall be deemed competent.
    • Tools needed to control the fire must be with the person attending the fire at all times. A charged water hose that will reach beyond the burning pile shall be maintained at all times while burning is being conducted.
    • All fires shall be extinguished before sunset on the day of the burning.
    • No household trash may be burned.
    • No material or substance which emits noxious or poisonous gasses may be burned within the City of Hinesville. For example: rubber tires, batteries, PVC, clothing, sawn lumber, pressure treated lumber, etc. can not be burned.
    • Gasoline, deisel fuel, and kerosene may not be used to ignite the fires.
  5. Permit Location Address
    Please fill in the permit location information below.
  6. Signature
    By typing my name in the signature box below, I acknowledge that this will serve as my true signature and that I will comply with the above restrictions for this residential burn permit.
  7. Obtaining Your Burn Permit
    In order to obtain your burn permit authorization, click "Submit and Print". Once your permit application is displayed, choose "File" and "Print" from your Internet browser. If you are not able to find "File", look on your keyboard to press "Ctrl" and "P" at the same time to bring up your print dialogue box.

    You can also have your burn permit emailed to you by typing in your email address below.
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