Azalea Street Redevelopment Project

About the Project
The Azalea Street Redevelopment Project was implemented due to the deteriorating condition of the Azalea Street neighborhood. It was made possible by the City of Hinesville with assistance from the U.S. Housing Urban Development Agency (HUD) and the and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

The project is currently underway with 12 single-family homes completed and 12 townhomes completed. The Project is divided into three phases.

Phase I
Single-family homes were offered to residents of Phase I, Phase II or Phase III of the Azalea Street neighborhood before the project began.

Townhomes are also a part of Phase I. Twelve townhomes have been completed with a total of eight two-bedroom townhomes and four three-bedroom townhomes.

The townhomes are available for sale to those that qualify for the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program offered through the DCA.

Residents of Phase I began enjoying their new homes in 2007.

Phase II

Construction is underway and homes have been completed for five residents that qualified for the CHIP Program and two first time homebuyers.

Phase II consists of eight homes which will be available to qualifying applicants for the Georgia Dream Homeownership Program.

Phase III
The final phase will be open to first-time homebuyers and construction is pending.
New home in the Azalea Street Redevelopment Project
Kitchen in a home in the Azalea Street Redevelopment Project
Townhomes in the Azalea Street Redevelopment Project
Townhomes in the Azalea Street Redevelopment Project