Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Maps Available
The Hinesville GIS Office provides mapping and GIS services to the City and County citizens. Maps can be created and printed to scale or certain page size. Cost is based on published size. We specialize in custom maps with your choice of data layers to be shown. View map fees.

Data or map layers available are parcel boundaries, ditches, some buildings, utilities, City fire hydrants, political districts, zoning, two foot contours, wetlands, soils, and more. We have three series of aerial photos. The dates flown were March 1996, February 2006 and February 2009.

Printed maps available in the office include the City of Hinesville and Liberty County wall maps. These maps are kept current monthly and may be picked up at the GIS office. We have County and City index books by order. Maps may be ordered in person or by phone.

GIS Users
Some users of the GIS data and maps are the Fire and Police departments, Building
Inspections Department, Public Works Department, planning and zoning staff, engineers, realtors and residents. The GIS office is open to all that need mapping services and GIS data.
GIS Online
The City of Hinesville has several web applications that increase transparency and help you interact with local government. The data provided will give your more information about city services, departments, and more. Take a look at the Hinesville GIS Maps and Apps to see the innovators and innovations that are being used to provide you a more collaborative and open government.

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  1. Wincy Poon, GISP

    GIS Coordinator

  2. Stef Canady

    GIS Technician

  3. Physical Address
    115 East M.L. King, Jr. Drive
    Hinesville, GA 31313

    Phone: (912) 876-4147
    Fax: (912) 876-4770